About Ghost80

This site was launched in August 2020 after watching the demand for self-defense products skyrocket over the COVID-19 lockdowns and also the lockdown related crimes.

Right now a lot of companies cannot sell or ship products due to restrictions on them. Manufacturers are operating as we speak making all the necessary items we need for our builds. I decided to step in noticing manufacturers having the supply but there is a failure on the sales end to connect buyers to the items they want.

You have an unalienable right to self-defense that no court, law or individual can take from you. Period.

You have the right to be left alone on your property and have a right to defend your property. What you may or may not have, even rumored to possess, is none of anybody's business and should never be the justification for a court ordered fishing expedition.

I run an eBay store and sell slides but the fees/costs associated with doing business on eBay can be high so I do business on there to generate repeat business over here through advertising my website in the customer's eBay order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?
You are able to manufacture your own firearms for your own use and possession by federal law. State and local law may apply.

Is this easy?
Assembling a slide is very easy and should take less than 30 minutes or so. The more slides you assemble, you'll get faster and can do it in under 10 minutes.

I accept PayPal. We ship to your PayPal information on your verified account. We can also process a credit card without a PayPal account which keeps your information safe. We do not store any financial information on our website. We ship once the payment is cleared, within 48 hours.

Payments go to "I Love Privacy" via PayPal which is my account that I use for payment processing and accepting payments for consulting.

I don't necessarily want to take anything else other than PayPal due to how long I've been with them and how long they've actually treated me quite well. The only other payments I would consider accepting would be cryptocurrency and at this time, I am not setup to accept it automatically or have wallets setup to take the funds.